• 2019 Collage Festival/ Gallery in Peschanaya Str., Moscow
  • 2020 When I was little I also had a granny / Erevan
  • 2020 Learning to Handle Spaces / Hodynka Gallery, Moscow
  • 2020 Squatting Research” / Moscow Union of Artists
  • 2020 Studio 20’20. HOMO COMMUNICANS / ММОМА Moscow Museum of Modern Art
  • 2020 You are Denied / Moscow Sound Art Gallery SA))_gallery
  • 2021 Expectation, solo exhibition / Gallery “Bomba” (Center for Creative Industries “Fabrika”), Moscow
  • 2021 Uncanny Dream / Electromuseum, Moscow
  • 2021 Barrel Harp Performance / SKIF Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival, Saint-Petersburg
  • 2022 The ninth dream of the seventh energy / Ulyanovsk, Center for Contemporary Art
  • 2022 Biennale “Art for the Future” / Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM), Moscow
  • 2022 Finds from the subconscious of one fairy-tale hero / Cube.Moscow, Moscow
  • 2023 Now Festival / Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 2023 Space of freedom / Reforum Space, Budva, Montenegro
  • 2023 Metamorphoses / DKC Pomorandža, Podgorica, Montenegro


  • 2020 “Digital Dreams” / Cultural Creative Agency Qatar-Russia with Assistance from Moscow Museum of Modern Art
  • 2021 Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award
  • 2023 Contemporary Collage Magazine Awards. Runner-up in category “Innovation”

I’m an artist, musician and graphic designer (from Russia, but was forced to emigrate). Graduated from Moscow Region State University (PhD in historical sciences) and School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops" at MMOMA (Moscow). Laureate of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize (2021).

I’m an artist and graphic designer. With a background in historical science, I also have been involved with music throughout my life. These varied activities are interconnected for me and shape my interests.

Since 2009, I’ve been engaged in performances that combine improvisation / experimental music, theater and contemporary art. Now my creative pursuits encompass collages, objects, sound art and video art. Both visual and semantic are important in my art practice.

I am interested in working with local (national) context, with language, historical and cultural heritage, recognizable traditional themes and materials, as well as rethinking the traditional in the context of modernity. I strive to find paradoxical points of interaction between the old and new, history and future, classic and experimental, digital and analogue. In my artistic practice, it’s very important and valuable for me to work by hands, feeling the material, volume, weight.
Artist statement
Photo by Alisa Kosareva