video art

different works since 2020
one white wall is enough
one channel video, 2020
1 min, no sound

Video reflection on the nature of art, on it’s method and place of it’s presentation,
on illusion of on-line and re-examination of conception of "white cube".
multichannel video-installation & one channel video documentation (1 min)
2×2 м, 2020

Now we cultivate more and more in our gadgets. It’s a video-installation in a two days gallery in a garden — the way to contradict total transfer to on-line, also as a routine physical labor, that lessens stresses and allows one to think about different things. And to see this process of digging the ground on a screen is similar to sitting by a fire place. And how about thinking what all these gadgets cultivate inside of me?

The work was a winner of a competition contest "Digital Dreams" / Cultural Creative Agency Qatar-Russia with Assistance from Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
memories. about. memories
one channel video with sound
6:10 min, 2020
what I know…
video without sound
3:14 min, 2023

An online translator analyzes leisurely scrolling through an encyclopedia and collects snippets of text from different pages into tag clouds. on the screen texts break down, the choice of phrases becomes random — and all this makes no sense. it’s visual poetry of the age of the internet and early artificial intelligence. visual poetry born from a software error.
The world is changing rapidly. encyclopedias, internet, ai — our sources and storages of information have improved and grown to unprecedented sizes. but has the world become more understandable and closer?
video with sound
2:00 min, 2023

A part of project "WEST-BOCTOK". "I use the cut-up method (another one from Dadaism), but in my own way — I offer the online translator to search for texts in my collages (and on the streets of city) and translate them into any languages. The photo mode of the translator`s software creates AR by placing the translation right on the image layer, and then, when camera moves, the software offers new interpretations. So, the artwork comes to life and reveals more and more new messages to the viewer." Tbilisi, 2023