since 2020
object, musical instrument

Maximum analog huge and quite complicated to operate musical instrument. The music coming out of this barrel is ephemeral — the walls change the form, musical tuning is flowing, one string tension changes the sound of the whole barrel.

Nevertheless all this "defects" make it possible to depart from dictatorship of the "melody" and imposed "music keys" — the strings as if themselves line with one another and the unusual form of the "instrument" makes it possible to experiment with it — I play it with fingers, sticks, a bow, or it can even be used as a percussion instrument.

In the era of active and total miniaturization and digitalization, this instrument reminds us that sound it’s about vibration, about volume, capacity, space, it is something that can be felt at the physical level.

sound barrel

The first barrel was made in a small village in Russia during the pandemic. I made field audio and video recordings. For this project I received the Kuryokhin Prize in 2021.
The second barrel was made in
Moscow. It still sounds in performances together with the ensemble of the ITS KRUG theater studio — in the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, GES-2 House of Culture, etc.

Bochka at the exhibition in Moscow Sound Art Gallery SA))_gallery. dec 2020
The third barrel was made in St. Petersburg specialy for performance at the SKIF festival of new improvisation and experimental music.

Performance / SKIF fest
Saint Petersburg / dec 2021
The fourth barrel was made in Tbilisi to perform at the NOW Festival. I recorded a lot of audio materials that will be supplemented and released as a music release.

Tbilisi, Georgia

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Photos by Olga Bigel, 2023