mixed media: collages, video, documentation

In this project, I develop the idea of spontaneity and uncertainty, which explored Dadaists a century ago. Now as then, our reality and everyday life was torn apart by the war, and we are shocked and disappointed in the same way. The fragmentation of images and texts appears as a reaction to what is happening. The collage conveys the idea of destruction and deformation of outside world and inner world of a man in the most perfect way.

I use the cut-up method (another one from Dadaism), but in my own way — I offer the online translator to search for texts in my collages (and on the streets of city) and translate them into any languages. The photo mode of the translator`s software creates AR by placing the translation right on the image layer, and then, when camera moves, the software offers new interpretations. So, the artwork comes to life and reveals more and more new messages to the viewer.

Tbilisi, 2022−23

Languages have divided humanity, but they connect people as well, helping to communicate, to understand each other, to find a “common language”. Modern technologies make the process of translating languages easier, although not always clearer.
Languages have divided humanity, but they connect people as well, helping to communicate, to understand each other, to find a "common language". Modern technologies have streamlined the process of language translation, yet clarity remains an ongoing challenge.